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Utah Peace Network is a social media project of BSI, promoting peace and justice issues.

Without Justice, there can be no Peace. Visit our Facebook page.


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“PPJ” began as a reaction to the aggressive attack on Afghanistan by the United States after the tragic attack of September 11, 2001 on the world Trade Center in New York City.
PPJ has been holding weekly Peace Vigils in downtown Salt Lake City since that time and has organized some of the largest peace rallies and marches in Utah’s history.
PPJ has been publishing its weekly peace calendar since its beginning. It is sent via email to hundreds of readers each week. To subscribe to received the calendar via email, write to info@uthpeace.org.
Without Justice, there can be no peace.

Stop the Killing – No More Atrocities – Protect Civil Liberties

  • We stand against violence and all
    forms of terrorism, including war.
  • We defend the rights of all people
    living in the United States.
  • We advocate a U.S. foreign policy that is in the interest of all people everywhere.
  • It is crucial that we defend the Constitutional Rights and civil liberties that are fundamental to a democratic society.

Four Point Statement of People for Peace and Justice

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