Imagine Peacefest Archives

Imagine Peacefest was born out of the desire for a different kind of event that would attract people of all walks of life. Visionaries within the founding group perceived the need to provide an alternative, less “radical”, to the typical, but important, march and rally type of event advocating for a more just and peaceful world.

The goal of the Imagine Peacefest was to provide a fun, interactive afternoon of art for the whole family, while raising awareness of the need for peace, sustainability and social justice.

We hoped that this event would inspire community members to become more involved in local projects and organizations that promote global peace and justice. Imagine Peacefest featured displays of art by local artists, primarily students from area schools. Local musicians, who donate their time and talents because of their strong beliefs in this cause, were featured for an afternoon of lively entertainment. Films and panel discussions provided education on global peace and current issues facing the world. Booths were available for children and adults to learn, create art and participate in a variety of ways during the festival.

The last year of this event was 2011, due to life changes amongst several organizers.  The spirit of this event lives on in all of us. Enjoy the archives.